Jakarta, 19 November 2020 – PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (the “Company”) together with its subsidiary engaged in infrastructure investment, namely PT PP Infrastruktur (“PP Infra”) held a groundbreaking event ceremony for the construction of a Drinking Water Supply System (“SPAM”) across Pekanbaru City and Kampar Regency. The event was held on Thursday (11/19) at the Princeg Hotel, Pekanbaru, Riau using strict Covid-19 health protocols. The groundbreaking ceremony was marked symbolically by pressing a button together on the screen where the event was also attended by the Director of Implementation of Settlement Financing of the Ministry of PUPR R. Haryo Bekti Martoyoedo, Governor of Riau Province Syamsuar, Director of Finance & Risk Management of the Company Agus Purbianto, President Director of PP Infra Didik Mardiyanto, etc.

PT PP Tirta Riau is a Cooperation Business Entity (“BUK”) formed by the PPMV Consortium consisting of: PT PP (Persero) Tbk, PT PP Infrastruktur, Maynilad Water Services Inc, and PT Varsha Zamindo Lestari as the executor of the Pekanbaru Cross City SPAM construction and Kampar Regency. After operating later, the SPAM will serve +624,000 people (approximately 102,000 house connections) in 5 (five) sub-districts, namely: Tampan, Bukit Raya, Marpoyan Damai, Siak Hulu, and Tambang with an increase in service coverage of 0% in service areas to 55 % (greenfields).

This SPAM has a capacity of 1,000 liters per second (“lpd”) between PDAM Tirta Siak, Pekanbaru City, PDAM Tirta Kampar, Kampar Regency, and PT Sarana Pembangunan Riau where the raw water source comes from the Kampar River. This collaboration will last for 30 (thirty) years between PT PP Tirta Riau, PDAM Tirta Siak Pekanbaru City, PDAM Tirta Kampar Kampar Regency, and PT Sarana Pembangunan Riau through its Water Division which is the forerunner to the formation of BUMD Water in Riau Province.

“This investment is an independent investment, all of which comes from Capital Expenditure (“Capex”) PT PP Tirta Riau, where the share ownership is held by the PPMV Consortium. The total investment value that will be disbursed by PT PP Tirta Riau is Rp. 2 trillion. It should be said that PP Infra is currently the only investor and the first company in Indonesia to develop SPAM infrastructure from upstream to downstream which will include financing the construction of a Water Treatment Plant with an output capacity of 1,000 lpd, along with all the building equipment, construction of transmission pipelines, construction of the entire network. distribution and reticulation to customers in the service area, as well as assisting the two PDAMs to improve their performance with the ‘twinning program’,” said Didik Mardiyanto as President Director of PP Infra.

“SPAM Cross City Pekanbaru and Kampar Regency is planned to serve the needs of Household and Non-Household customers who have standard output of drinking water quality to customers with service 24 hours / per day. This Groundbreaking Ceremony activity is an effort to accelerate the process of starting the SPAM construction stage which will begin in early 2021 and it is hoped that drinking water will flow to customers’ homes gradually starting in 2022,” said Agus Purbianto as Director of Finance & Risk Management of the Company adding to media.