Infrastruktur Jaringan gas

Detail Proyek

PT. PP Infrastructure helps PT. PGN Tbk funded the construction of 500,000 Household Connection (SRT) networks. Procurement of this infrastructure includes procurement of regulators, excavation of pipes to residential areas, pipe connection with butt fusion, to installation of gas meters from house to house. The development of this gas pipeline network is estimated to take three years, and is divided into two phases, 50,000 SRT in the first phase and 450,000 SRT in the second phase.

The SRS construction sites will take place in the following 6 areas:

1. Jakarta: 155.000 SRT
2. Tangerang: 80.000 SRT
3. Kab. Bekasi: 120.000 SRT
4. Surabaya: 80.000 SRT
5. Karawang: 30.000 SRT
6. Sidoarjo: 35.0000 SRT